We’re visual translators. We’re information designers. We’re research communicators.


In a world of big data- we’re for visual data. We believe in the democratisation of information- that research should be accessible to everyone not just to the stats junkies. We’re passionate about turning tables into visuals, data into videos and reports into presentations. As researchers, we understand the methods but we’re also designers and we know what will communicate, and how to best engage. We’re in the business of making you look good and your data make sense.
There are 3 stages to the process of bring data alive: research, analysis and visualisation. Whatever stage you’re at, we can help you. Got your data sorted but want to present it in a meaningful and engaging way? Can do. Have your own research but need help making sense of it? Tick. Want to find out some information but don’t know where to start? We can take you from A to Z. Here at Research Visualisation we’re part of one of the Asia Pacific region’s most renowned research agencies, McCrindle Research. So whatever your research needs, we’ve got a solution.

For more information download our Research Visualisation Pack, watch a TED talk on Research Visualisation by our Director, or check out our work below!


Good infographics get posted, shared and liked. Great infographics get used in the general media and go viral on social media. Our infographics have been used in TV segments, in national newspapers, and have been promoted to the front page of some of the world’s biggest sites such as Visual.ly and Slideshare. Your research, with our visualisation, will be read and spread…a lot!


If you want to tell people more- tell them less, and you’ll tell them more. Our print visuals take reports and transform them into summary cards, cutouts, banners or booklets. These branded visual forms not only get read, they get kept- and that’s gold.


For the emerging generation who’d rather watch a video explaining something than read an article about something, and for a busy, easily distracted business audience, you need your data to tell a story, to move, to engage. That’s what animated data is all about.


When people hear- they forget, when they see- they are impacted, but when they interact- they are transformed. From apps to interactive splash pages, engagement with your data means being influenced by your data. Imagine that: data that changes lives.


What moves a presentation from good to great are the visuals. From PowerPoint design to visuals you can show or videos you can play, we help your information tell a story. People often ask us “who does your presentation visuals?” well, we do- and we can do yours too.


Our award-winning research visualisation is communicated in the forms that get most consumed. And today that is visual, and video. YouTube is not just a big website, but the second biggest search engine in the world. Video reports hold an audience, get shared, and rewatched. Ever seen a written report do this?


We won’t rest until the last excel table has been transformed. We want people to play with data- so we build interactive platforms. We believe statistics should be fun- like animation. We think research reports should not sit on shelves but be presented in infographic form and shared on social media, or printed on book marks or banners or buildings. So welcome to the world of research visualisation…


Research Visualisation by McCrindle Research. Designing global research, from Sydney, Australia.

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